Crysis 2

A sample of some of my work on the videogame Crysis 2, in which I worked mainly on storyboards and a few concepts. Most of these are from 2009/2010, and some were printed in the Crysis 2 artbook.

A collection of silhouettes for an unused enemy

The Tick intro - the player wakes up, after having passed out, only to find the Ticks crawling over him and on a dead body next to him.

An old enemy type - a creepy spore cloud with a little bot in the middle of it.

Some roughs for screenshot ideas

The alien ship crash scene (ingame has a slightly different intro, where the player is knocked out of a window/platform nto the street, and then this scene occurs)

An old scene involving Tara Strickland in disguise, and Gould within Trinity Church (an early version of the same scene involving the player being scanned)

A storyboard to one of the flashbacks involving Prophet speaking with Hargreave.

An used scene/idea - originally, Gould had an infected wife!

Sketches for alternative screenshots for boxart

An old intro the the Ticks; the player sees a human body fall in front, only for a Tick to come scuttling over to harvest it...

The Pinger's appearance at the aquarium (originally it shot down a helicopter which caused the glass to smash)

An unfinished board, for the area where the player wanders through the quarantined infected people.

Level/alien movement boards for the end fight of the game by the giant spear in Central Park

The large spear at the end of the game was once going to have an end boss spore wrapped around it ;)